Instead Of Spreading Virus, Cold Chain Protects Food Safety

Today, Chinese residents’ income level is growing steadily. With the income change and the popularity of the internet, people has changed their life style and the way of consumption. Online shopping, fresh meat delivering, home delivery of food are all popular choices in the current consumer market. Benefit from the growth of this type of consumption,The domestic cold chain logistics market has also developed rapidly.

However, many media was questioning about the safety of cold chain due to the Coronavirus was being from a meat market. In fact, cold chain is the guardian of food supply and food safety solutions. People can’t live without cold chain in today’s society. If we do not have the cold chain in today’s society, citizens will not be able to get the fresh vegetable and meat from the market, people will only have pickled meat and vegetable for dinner. Good thing is it is just an assumption above.

China is a big country of agricultural products consuming, trading and producing,The upgrading of agricultural producing and managing methods and the connection between the modernized circulation and the urban market is getting closer. In the transportation of fresh products such as dairy products, poultry, and aquatic products, cold chain logistics plays an increasingly prominent role. According to the data made by Askci Research, in 2019, In 2019, the market size of Chinese cold chain logistics industry is about 339.1 billion yuan, it increased 50.52 billion yuan more than the year of 2018, year-on-year rises of 17.5%. According to the prediction of Askci Research, by 2020, the market scale of Chinese cold chain logistics industry will exceed 400 billion yuan.

Cold chain logistics is a comprehensive industry, in which cold chain transportation, cold chain warehousing and other services account for about respectively, 40%, 30% and 30%.