Six Aspects Of Purchasing Commercial Refrigerators

What is a commercial refrigerator? Commercial refrigerators refer to refrigerators suitable for the needs of commercial catering service organizations, including hotels, restaurants, bars, fast food chains, and production kitchens. It has a corrosion-resistant stainless steel shell and inner tank, large capacity, fast cooling speed, and uniform temperature in the box. These refrigerators are used to store your ingredients and semi-finished foods, to ensure the safe storage of food, and are essential bakery equipment for any catering service operation. They operate 24/7 and are an important part of any commercial kitchen. Therefore, it is essential to have efficient and reliable equipment. So what should you start with when purchasing commercial refrigerators?


01|Stainless Steel Inner And Outer Layers, Strong, Durable And Hygienic


• Stainless steel has been generally recognized as the best cabinet material in commercial kitchen environments.

• The aluminum plate is easily corroded, leaving white rust spots, contaminating the food stored in the refrigerator.


02|The Refrigeration Temperature Is Suitable To Meet The Storage Needs Of Different Food Materials


• The operating temperature of the Precision refrigerated tall and platform high-temperature refrigerators is set between -2ºC and +4ºC. The flexible and wide temperature range allows you to store all your food safely. For other similar refrigerators, the high temperature is generally set between +1ºC and +4ºC.

• Electric heating defrosting (or gas heating defrosting) is the standard configuration of precision refrigeration -2 / +4ºC refrigerators. This configuration ensures that the internal temperature of the refrigerator remains within the correct range and reaches the highest utilization rate.


03|High Quality Refrigeration System, High Refrigeration Efficiency


• High energy efficiency, high performance, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection refrigeration system, operating environment temperature up to 43ºC. The compressors of the refrigeration system mainly use well-known French and Italian brands. The selected compressor models are the latest energy-saving and noise-reducing products of the two brands. The German imported fan motors have good performance and reliable quality.

• The system is equipped with an energy-saving solenoid valve, which can effectively extend the holding time, reduce the startup time, and save energy.

• Precisely adopt anti-corrosion treatment of full paint evaporator and evaporating coil to effectively improve cooling efficiency, prevent refrigerant leakage, and save maintenance costs.


04|Beautiful And Generous, Upgrade The Grade


• The beautiful and generous decoration can undoubtedly enhance the personality and attractiveness of the catering service. It should fully consider the stylized requirements of the catering customers for the commercial ice machine.

• Use open doors or drawers, glass or solid doors, standard stainless steel or RAL color spraying… all can be configured according to the specific needs of customers.

• The temperature control display adopts the imported Italian LAE electronic liquid crystal display temperature control, which has high temperature control accuracy, and the large display is clear and easy to read, which is convenient for operation and management.


05|Experienced And Professional Manufacturer


As a veteran refrigerator manufacturer, we have rich experience in design, manufacturing, after-sales and customer service. All products adopt a unified British design, a unified accessory supplier, and 100% implement British quality inspection standards to ensure the same high-quality product output and provide customers with considerate and thoughtful service.


06|High-Quality Door Design To Enhance User Experience


The refrigerator door is the most frequently used component, so its quality also indirectly affects the overall quality of the refrigerator.

• The door seal rubber edge adopts spherical magnetic design, which is automatically attracted and easy to clean.

• Use Salvagnini equipment to make one-piece stainless steel door panels and sheet metal handles, high strength, no solder joints, and easy to clean.

• Imported automatic return door hinges are used to reduce the release of cold air and facilitate the extraction and storage of food materials.

• The door frame is equipped with a moisture-proof heating wire imported from the United Kingdom.